We’ve been building tech startups for almost a decade - and as founders ourselves for over 25 years - and we’ve seen a lot of good businesses that are never going to be huge.

These businesses are often seen as failures by investors needing big exits, but we think they’re great.

We want your business to continue

We don’t want to run your business. We’ll be a silent shareholder, available to help when you need us. We’re choosing your company to get involved with because we like the way you run it.

We want to be long-term shareholders

The pressure for big exits means that most tech investors want you to grow your business to sell it, emphasising future company value over current profits. We prefer businesses that optimise for long-term free cash flow to equity, and our return comes from distributions available to all shareholders.

What's the process?

We have a clear and quick process, because we don’t want to waste anybody's time on a deal that might never happen.

  1. We’ll tell you whether we’re interested or not within 48 hours.
  2. We’ll sign an NDA allowing you to share your data with us, and you’ll tell us the important details about your business - financial history, operating structure, staff, etc.
  3. We’ll make you an offer subject to due diligence within a week.
  4. We’ll complete due diligence, ideally via read-only access to your payment and analytics accounts, and close the deal within a month.

We like businesses that:

Are profitable, with good net margins


Have 2+ years of financial history

financial history

Have a founder or partner who wants to run the business

founder who remains

Are in tech or marketing, because that’s what we understand

tech or marketing

What's your situation?

You might have a partner who feels like it's time to do something else. Using capital from the business to buy them out means that capital isn't available for operations, but swapping them for a new partner who believes in the business makes sense for everyone.

Taking venture investment requires an exit, the larger the better, but somewhere along the way it became clear that your business was better off being a smaller, long-term operation. That doesn't fit with your investors' strategy, so you both want to find the right partner for your current journey.

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